Грета Юлінг «Пам’ять, Історія та повернення кримських татар на батьківщину»

Лекція Грети Юлінг «Пам’ять, Історія та повернення кримських татар на батьківщину» в Центрі польських та європейських студій НаУКМА 29 травня 2015 року.

In this talk, Uehling will explore the role that memory and history played in the Crimean Tatars’ repatriation. Uehling’s book on repatriation suggests that the desire to repatriate developed out of a process of recollecting the past that made the Tatars feel linked to one another and the land. She argues the practice of recollecting, combined with interpretations of history and a robust national movement, facilitated the return to the historic homeland.

Uehling draws on hundreds of personal interviewsin both Crimea and Uzbekistan. She collected first person testimony from survivors of the deportation and their families, and worked with activists in the national movement during her fieldwork. She also incorporates documentary sources and her work in archives to weave the story of the Crimean Tatars’ return through private recollection, public commemoration, and counter-history.

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