нова книга: Simon Franklin, Sermons and Rhetoric of Kievan Rus’

нова книга: Simon Franklin, Sermons and Rhetoric of Kievan Rus’

Simon Franklin, trans. and comment. Sermons and Rhetoric of Kievan Rus’. Harvard University Press, 2011.

About the book

The authors included in this volume, Ilarion, Klim Smoljatic, and Kirill of Turov, are remarkable for both their personal and literary achievements. Appointed in 1051 by Prince Jaroslav the Wise, Ilarion was the first of only two recorded "native" metropolitans of Kiev. His Sermon on Law and Grace constitutes the finest piece of eleventh-century Rus’ rhetorical literature. Klim Smoljatic, the second "native" metropolitan of Rus’ (from 1147), is the author of the controversial Epistle to Foma,, which addresses the debate over the proper nature and limits of Christian learning. Finally, the twelfth-century monk Kirill of Turov is best known for his collection of allegorical lessons and some of the most accomplished sermons of Kievan Rus’.

The volume contains the first complete translations of the Epistle to Foma and the lessons and sermons of Kirill, as well as an entirely new rendering of the Sermon on Law and Grace. Simon Franklin prefaces the texts with a substantial introduction that places each of the three authors in their historical context and examines the literary qualities as well as textual complexities of these outstanding works of Rus’ literature.

About the Author

Simon Franklin is Professor of Slavonic Studies at Clare College, Cambridge.




1. Ilarion

2. Klim Smoljatic

3. Kirill of Turov

4. On Tradition and Individuality in Kievan Rhetoric

A Note on the Translations


Ration, Sermon on Law and Grace

Klim Smoljatiè, Epistle to Fount The Collected Prose of Kirill of Turov

1: On the Lame and the Blind

2: On the Tale of a Layman

3: On the Monastic Order

4A: Sermon for Palm Sunday

4B: Sermon for Easter Sunday

4C: Sermon for Low Sunday

4D: Sermon for the Third Sunday after Easter

4E: Sermon for the Fourth Sunday after Easter

4F: Sermon for the Sixth Sunday after Easter

4G: Sermon for Ascension

4H: Sermon for the Sunday before Pentecost


  1. Textual Problems in the Epistle of Klim Smoljatic
  2. Biblical and Apocryphal Genealogies in the Epistle of Klim Smoljatic
  3. The Synaxarion Life of Kirill of Turov
  4. Rjurikid Genealogies


Index of Biblical References


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