Statement in support of the Central European University

Dear Minister Balog and Dr. Lajos Aáry-Tamás,

We – Faculty, Staff and Students from the History Department at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine, would like to express our support for the Central European University in Budapest. For many of us, CEU and Budapest have been the places, where we became who we are right now. Our graduates arrive to Hungary for education every year. We believe, that both international and Hungarian academic communities would suffer a severe damage because of the new legislation accepted by the Hungarian government.

Central European University brings together students and faculty from over 100 countries for graduate study in an exceptional international and interdisciplinary atmosphere that encourages open debate and exchange of ideas. Established in 1991 by the American-Hungarian financier and philanthropist George Soros and other intellectuals from the region, CEU remains true to its original mission to prepare future leaders to build and support open and democratic societies that respect human rights and the rule of law. Accredited in both the U.S. and Hungary, the University offers English-language graduate degree programs in the social sciences and humanities, business and economics, environmental sciences and policy, law, network science, cognitive science and mathematics. It draws on the research tradition of leading American universities as well as the most valuable intellectual legacies of Central Europe. Promoting integrated approach to teaching, research and public service, CEU emphasizes comparative and interdisciplinary coursework and engages in collaborative research projects to create new knowledge and to help solve complex problems of modern society.

CEU is a valuable link between Ukraine and Hungary, NaUKMA and Hungarian academic community. So we respectfully urge you to withdraw the proposed legislation.

Yours sincerely,

History Department of National university of "Kyiv-Mohyla academy" 

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